Artwork Daniela Filippin About me
Graphic Novelist - Comic Artist
From late 2011 to 2018, in years of conscientious, disciplined work and frequent ramblings out of my comfort zone, I strived to reach a level that was professional enough to allow me to take part, as a self-published author, in the independent comics circuit. Through all of this, I taught myself everything I know, all the while raising a young family.

I’m about to make my debut at Crack!, an indie comics festival which takes place every year at Forte Prenestino (Prenestino Fortress) in Rome, at the end of June. I’m waiting for an opportunity for my network to grow, in order to hopefully form ties with those who’ll walk alongside me in tomorrow’s projects. Likewise, I’d like to meet anyone who can offer ideas and criticism, feedback or just the will to share a few moments together.
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