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Shifting between a surreal dimension of extreme pain, and loss and a mundane dimension of putting on a brave face for the world is one of the toughest challenges endured by mourners, especially in the later stages.

The Grieving was written and drawn in just two weeks in February 2012, while Daniela and her family were snowed-in after an unusually copious (for the Rome area) snowfall. Making use of visual metaphors and symbols, as in most of her work (especially in her pre-Love period), it aims to capture an aspect of the pain, confusion and isolation endured after the death of a loved one.

The first version of The Gift Basket’s storyboard was created while its author was staying in Turin in the late summer of 2011. The story surfaced as a series of uncertain pencil doodles on an old sketch pad Daniela had hesitantly dug out of her pile of long-abandoned art material back at home on the shores of lake Bracciano (Rome). At this point the artist wonders whether she should even pack the sketch pad or if she’ll ever be able to draw again. Simultaneously aware it’s imperative she try, The Gift Basket opens the floodgates for what would follow – among other things, a series of soul-purging efforts and exercises in letting go of ancestral fears, crossing dozens of different cycles.

The 2011 version of The Gift Basket is then included in Daniela’s pressbook at Lucca Comics Fair, attended that same autumn. The story is also sent to the Accademia della Bussola, a Naples-based art foundation who include it in a self-published book.

Between March and April 2012 Daniela then creates a second version of The Gift Basket