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Graphic Novelist - Comic Artist
Born in Rome, my nomadic existence starts early in life. I was about to start first grade when my father became a freelance consultant with the UN, leading him to drag myself and the rest of the family from one corner of the globe to the next. Thus, from childhood to my teens, I lived (besides Italy), in Cyprus, Madagascar, Curaçao (Netherland Antilles), Bangladesh and Singapore, attending English-speaking international schools.

Wherever I was in the world, I drew. Ever since I can remember, I know that I drew and made up stories, endless reams of them, constantly, non-stop.

As a young adult I then lived for a whole decade in the UK. After obtaining my degree in English literature at the historic university of St Andrews (Scotland), I gravitated towards London, where I lived for four years and worked in book publishing. My British phase ended when I moved back to Rome for good, where I reinvented myself as a freelance translator.
The events that would turn my life inside out would follow hot on each other’s heels soon after that. Soon after becoming a mother (my kids were born in 2008 and 2009), and following what I like to call an existentially crucial moment, I started to pretty much question everything I’d done before. Leaving every other priority behind me, I decided to turn drawing and making comics into a profession. A risky decision on which, from late 2011 until the present, I have never looked back upon.

Having since produced a great variety of illustrations and stories, both short ones and more consistent in length (including a graphic novel project on which I worked for four years), has led me straight to my imminent debut in self-production.
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